How to Private My Profile Picture On Facebook

Despite just how securely you have actually secured down your Facebook account, you can not make your account pic and cover photo private. How To Private My Profile Picture On Facebook
the whole point.

Make Profile Picture Private Facebook

Whatever Facebook's factors for the policy-- perhaps it's so you could validate an associate's identification before adding them as a pal-- it's long been a part of the social network. Yet as a personal privacy alleviation, you utilized to be able to make your profile image "unclickable.".

How To Private My Profile Picture On Facebook

Well, I have problem. Facebook lately transformed this privacy setting (without telling anyone, of course), and currently your primary profile picture is always clickable by any person, even if they're not a good friend. While strangers previously saw just a 160-by-160-pixel variation of your account image-- big sufficient for them to figure out if they understood you, but little sufficient to keep them from doing anything questionable with it-- now they can see
I don't like this adjustment, despite the fact that Facebook has actually added some personal privacy preventative measures (for example, if you establish your photo to "Only Me," unfamiliar people will not be able to see likes, remarks or picture information associated with the picture-- just the image itself). So, if you intend to maintain your profile pictures as exclusive as they can be, right here's what you need to do.

Change the individual privacy settings of your current and past profile pics.
By default, all of your profile images are public. To put it simply, not just can strangers watch the full-size version of your existing picture, they likewise can turn and previous account photos that you have not deleted in their full-size splendor.

To transform this, open each profile image as well as most likely to Edit, click the privacy button, as well as under Who should see this?, choose More Options and after that click Only Me. You should do this separately for each and every image in the cd, including your existing profile image.

If you leave your current profile image set to Public, then complete strangers will be able to see likes, comments, inscriptions, and also various other photo information, such as location and tags.

If you transform it to Only Me, they will see just the image as well as nothing else.