Facebook Push Notifications Not Working android

Facebook Push Notifications Not Working Android - Push alerts have made our life easier (or possibly not). They save us time by letting us understand if something is worth our full attention, while making sure that we're not losing out on critical updates.

Facebook Notifications Problem

However sometimes these informs for certain applications could not function as wanted. One such application that has frequently provided individuals a headache relating to notifications is the Facebook application.

When push informs quit working on the Facebook Android application, one quits getting the audio signals. Nonetheless, when you open up the Facebook app, it reveals the variety of alerts usually on the notification symbol. Basically, one needs to open up the application to see new alerts. Frustrating, no?

Worry not. In this blog post, we will inform you 6 reliable remedies to Facebook alerts not working with Android.

Facebook Push Notifications Not Working Android

This is the first thing that you ought to check if you are dealing with the notification concern. Android has an integrated notification establishing for applications. You can turn notices on and off for private apps straight from the phone setups.

Often, nevertheless, you'll find that the app notices are shut off. This could occur as a result of some insect in the system caused by an application or for some other unidentified reason. And whenever this takes place, the press signals stop appearing.

To verify whether app alerts are switched on for Facebook, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap Settings on your phone complied with by Apps or Apps & notices.

Facebook Notifications Problem

Step 2: Under Apps, faucet Facebook. After that struck App notifications.

Facebook Notifications Problem

Step 3: On the following screen, make certain notifications are activated. If notifications are off, touch the toggle to transform them on.

Facebook Notifications Problem

In addition to the Android's built-in notification settings for apps, a lot of the apps come with their very own notification settings also. Very same is the case with the Facebook application. You can customize, make it possible for, or disable alert settings from within the Facebook application.

If press notices are disabled in the Facebook application, then that could be the reason for your problem. Hence, we require to examine the Facebook alert settings.

To do so, open the Facebook app on your Android phone and also tap the three-bar symbol in the top-right corner. Scroll down as well as select Alerts Settings.

Facebook Notifications Problem

Here you will certainly locate different kinds of activities concerning which Facebook can send you notifications. Tap Task Concerning You. On the following screen, check whether the toggle beside Press gets on. In case, it is turned off, enable it.

Facebook Notifications Problem

An additional built-in Android setting that could be responsible for the notification concern is the information constraint. If made it possible for, apps don't sync information in background, which causes no push notices.

To inspect if history data sync is energetic for the Facebook application, most likely to Apps under the phone Settings. Tap Facebook complied with by Information usage. Try to find the Background information choice. It needs to be allowed. In case, it's switched off, touch the toggle to transform it on.

Facebook Notifications Problem

Cleaning app cache may work for some customers, depending upon the device they're using as well as the settings they carry it. Give it a shot, you may obtain fortunate. Below's just how to go about it.

To reset application cache for the Facebook app, go to Applications under phone Setups. Look for Facebook. Then tap Storage space. Under Storage space, tap Clear Cache. If you still do not obtain alerts, attempt re-installing the Facebook app from the Play Shop.

Facebook Notifications Problem