Event Photo Size On Facebook

The Facebook event photo size varies from both the Follower Web page and the personal account! Event Photo Size On Facebook - Photos on the event web page wall surface will be seen at 470 pixels wide, up to 470 pixels high, depending upon the shape image you submit.

Event Photo Size Facebook

Feel free to make them larger (however not smaller sized, for best results). Both myself as well as Facebook usually recommend a 1200 pixel size. As well as the event cover picture? It keeps transforming!

Event Photo Size On Facebook

2019 Update: Facebook Event Cover Photo Size
Checked and verified January 4, 2019: The recommended Facebook event cover image size is 1200 x 628, same as a link share. This is a 1.91:1 proportion.

I strongly recommend you make use of a bigger picture! I checked the display screen dimension on iPhone, iPad and desktop computer, in both the Event and the linked Group. 4 of these six display at more than 1200 pixels vast on retina display. Pals, you do not want Facebook stretching your stunning event Cover Photo.

I recommend 1920 pixels broad. You can select the 1.91:1 percentage as well as make it 1005 pixels tall. Or, just utilize a standard 16:9 shape, as well as understand that there will be a little chopping leading as well as bottom (see design template). The fantastic news is, the cropping is practically similar in all 6 areas. I took screenshots so you can contrast. On desktop computer there is a small chopping on the sides.

The Facebook event image size on desktop displays at 1246 x 652 pixels.

The Facebook event image size on iPad displays at 1288 x 674 pixels.

The Facebook event image size on iPhone displays at 1242 x 650 pixels.

Every One Of these are 1:1.911 element proportion. This suggests that the width is 1.911 times the height.