How to Unlock Chrome's Hidden Bottom Toolbar in Android

A lot of mobile internet browsers keep the URL bar and also UI controls at the top of the display, however this format isn't excellent when using a gadget with a big display or particular accessibility limitations. Some internet browsers-- especially Firefox Preview and also Vivaldi mobile-- have quickly accessible bottom-screen UIs that make the application a lot easier to take care of with your thumbs, but you might be shocked to listen to there's a comparable bottom-screen menu choice hidden away in Chrome's speculative settings on Android.

How to Unlock Chrome's Hidden Bottom Toolbar in Android

How to Unlock Chrome's Hidden Bottom Toolbar in Android

The feature becomes part of the "Duet" redesign for Chrome and also will hopefully be easier to allow in the future, but also for now, Chrome customers can turn on the hidden food selection by editing and enhancing the application's flags.

Open the Android Chrome application and also go to chrome:// flags, then search for "Duet" in the search bar. Tap the drop-down menu alongside "Chrome Duet" and also select the button setup you want from the drop-down menu.

Here's what each alternative does:

  • "Enabled" or "Home-Search-Share variation:" Adds house, search, as well as share button to the bottom food selection.
  • "NewTab-Search-Share variation:" Adds brand-new tab, search, and also share button to the food selection.
  • "Home-Search-TabSwitcher variation:" Adds residence, search, and also new tab faster way to the menu.
  • "Default" and also "Disabled" will certainly turn off the Duet UI.

Select the button configuration you want (I discover the "Home-Search-TabSwitcher" variant to be one of the most practical), after that tap "Relaunch" at the end of the menu to apply the adjustments and restart the application. You should see a new faster way menu at the bottom of the display once Chrome tons.

Personally, I wish Chrome's LINK bar made the dive to the bottom of the screen as well, yet having at least a few of the most-used buttons easily tappable makes Chrome mobile a lot easier to use on larger displays.