How to View Activity Log On Facebook

What is an activity log? An activity log can be specified as a report that provides the record of computer system activitys or occasions, prepared as well as shown in a consecutive order. How To View Activity Log On Facebook - Hence, in other words, it indicates that you can see all the activitys in the best order of time as well as day that there were accomplished.

Facebook Activity Log

Isn't this an excellent function to make use of? Well, I would claim it is, because, you never can tell when an event may come up and also you or somebody would need your activity visit Facebook. Good enough it holds a long-lasting background of your activities so you can always reference back to it.

Okay, especially talking about exactly how to watch Facebook activity visit android, this function presents all your posts, blog posts you have actually liked, commented on, reacted to, your followers, articles you have actually been tagged in, your relationship history and even saved video clips. Actually, whatever you have actually done (activity-wise) on Facebook is recorded below.

Since you have a specific expertise of what a activity log on Facebook is and also what it offers, allow's go straight to the steps on exactly how to watch Facebook activity go to android. I make sure you would certainly find it extremely simple as well as interesting.

How To View Activity Log On Facebook

Exactly How to Sight Facebook activity log on Android
1. Release your Facebook application on android

2. Faucet on the three horizontal lines on top right of your screen.

Facebook Activity Log

3. Tap on your image (account) on top of your screen.

Facebook Activity Log

4. Tap on "activity log" signified with three dots and 3 straight lines close to the dots. This attribute is found Simply below your account image.

Facebook Activity Log

5. Scroll to watch all your "activity log" chronologically arranged.

Facebook Activity Log

Having complied with the steps I have listed out, you must have attained your goal on how to see Facebook activity browse through android. Quite easy right?

Right here's some more information for you, you can really delete documents from your activity log, additionally you can eliminate your response from a post you had actually reacted on and also also alter personal privacy on old articles. It's simple, simply beside the activity you intend to erase or undo reaction, tap on the down-facing arrowhead mark and also make alterations.