How to See Facebook Videos On Phone

How To See Facebook Videos On Phone - Facebook is an ever-changing system, and it's not always easy to locate the place of some of your web content from one day to the next. Individual videos aren't plainly promoted on Facebook Timelines, but you can discover them through the Photos area. Video that you've just recently uploaded to Facebook likewise appear on your Timeline-- and the Timelines of individuals you have actually marked-- and also can appear in the News Feed too.

See My Facebook Video on Mobile

How To See Facebook Videos On Phone

Finding Your Videos
You can search to your Facebook Timeline to discover the video clips you've submitted to the social network. One way of doing this is to click your name to the left side of the primary News Feed, choose "Photos," pick "Albums," and then click the "Videos" choice. Float over a thumbnail to see two symbols show up; choose the Play symbol to watch the video or the Edit one-- significant with a pen symbol-- to make changes to the video clip, such as the caption and individuals labelled in it.

Finding Other People's Videos.
To see your Facebook friends' uploaded videos on their Timelines, open a buddy's Timeline, pick "Photos," choose "Albums," and then click "Videos" to see the clips. As these video clips do not come from you, you can just play them-- there is no option to make changes, though you can include a comment or a like. Similar to the various other material on Facebook, videos have their very own personal privacy settings, so you can only see clips if their approved audience includes you.