How to Delete A Facebook Page I Created Updated 2019

How To Delete A Facebook Page I Created - For those of you that may not know what Facebook Pages are (Service Page or Follower page), here is a little interpretation for your reading pleasure:
Pages are for brands, businesses, companies and also public figures to create a presence on Facebook, whereas accounts represent individual individuals. Anyone with an account can produce a Page, or aid take care of one if they have actually been provided a duty on the Page like Manager or Editor. Individuals who "Like" a Web page, and their pals, can obtain updates in their Information Feed.

How Can I Delete A Page I Created On Facebook

The majority of us have Facebook fan Web page or Facebook Page we always do develop one for our Website or Service to attract site visitors but time comes when you wish to delete it since you intend to create a brand-new one or you have actually closed the internet site related to it, their may be different other factors.

Well whatever the factor it possibly as soon as you have made a decision to remove Facebook Web page then let's start with it.

How To Delete A Facebook Page I Created

Step 1: Log right into your Facebook Account

How To Delete A Created Facebook Page

Step 2: Once you are visited, you will arrive on your Home page and also from here you need to locate the Facebook Web page you wish to eliminate. One means to do this is by searching the left side of your Home page. Right here you should see the word, Shortcuts. Under Shortcuts, you ought to see the page you are seeking.

How To Delete A Facebook Page I Created

If you do not see the page right here, direct to the top-right of the screen. You will certainly want to click the down-arrow resting to the right of the lock symbol. This will certainly bring up a menu where you will certainly see the pages you manage/created. Click the web page you want to get rid of.

How Do You Delete A Created Page On Facebook

If you do not see it here, just click the See Much more link. This will certainly take you to the place where all your Pages are noted. I'm going to select the web page called Healthyresolutions.

How To Delete A Page In Facebook That I Created

Step 3: Now you will certainly arrive at your Facebook business/fan web page that you selected. At the top-right, you need to see words Settings. Click it

How Do You Delete A Page You Created On Facebook

Step 4: You should be on the General choices in Settings. If not, just click the General link on the left side of the display

How To Delete Facebook Page Permanently

In the General settings, you will see at the end of the page, Remove Page (Delete your Page). Click anywhere on this line.

Cancel Facebook Page Permanently
Step 5: After clicking you will see a caution that lets you know what will certainly take place if you do this. It likewise tells you that you can restore your page within 14 days before it is completely removed. If you make certain, then simply click Delete( name of page).

Delete Facebook Page Permanently

Step 6: Facebook truly likes to make sure you intend to do this. After clicking Delete (name of web page), this home window will appear. The one thing about this home window is it offers you the choice to just Un-publish the web page rather than completely removing it. This way, you can still have access to it however no one else can see it other than managers of the page. In this short article, we are erasing it. Click Delete Page.

How To Delete A Facebook Page Permanently

Step 7: The last window to show up is this set. Simply click the OK button and also you will be all done

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Page

It is that very easy to remove/delete a page you have actually produced. Now bear in mind that you will want to save anything off this web page that you intend to keep, due to the fact that after 14 days, everything will be gone as well as Facebook will not have the ability to access your information or fetch your data/photos/etc.